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Need Help With Any Of These Questions


Need Help With Any Of These Questions

?How can I start Exporting

The first step to exporting is to have a comprehensive knowledge of exporting, understanding the proven systems used by already successful exporters to go from zero as much as $60,000 monthly... click on free training to join my free class now.

?How do I find the right buyers for my export products

With my vast experience in export, I and my team have come up with proven ways to find buyer... Use this link to learn more...

?What are the basic requirments for exporting food items to the USA

Watch this video to learn the core requirements you need to start exporting to USA. Use this link to watch the video ....

?How much do I need to start an export business

It depends on your export goals, I have put up a complete video that shows you the basic capital you need... use this link to watch the video ....

?When is your next event

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?How do I book a consultation

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still Got more question?

How do l export and sell my products to the big USA market.

How do l find the right buyers for my products at the right price.

How do l know the legal requirements need to export to the USA.

How do l know the packaging requirement for products going to USA.

How do l ship and dispatch my products to buyers all over the USA.

How do l get my money after each sale to my buyers.

How do l know the rules for selling my products on Amazon.

How do l register for FDA in order to sell food products in USA.

Will l be required to pay sales and other taxes in the USA.

How do l find a warehouse to keep my products before sales.

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Africa has a lot of potentials to take over the export market. My passion is to help businesses in Africa access the US market by easily pushing their products on Amazon, all over USA stores and thousands of distributors all over the USA. This is my mission and together we will increase the wealth of Africa

Take The Step That Can Change Your Life.

As the Chairman Of African Import Export Solution Ltd, l have been chanced to oversee the shipping of millions of items between USA and Africa. My mission is to teach African small and medium businesses what they need to know in order to take over the world... Learn More

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