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How To Go From Zero To Exporting to USA, selling on Amazon and other stores all over the USA in as little as 30 days

Join My Free Training Now

How To Go From Zero To Exporting to USA, selling on Amazon and other stores all over the USA in as little as 30 days


My goal is to help 5,000 plus African businesses to connect with US and Canadian retail stores who need cheaper but high quality and healthier options to fill up their stores.

Small and Medium retail stores in US/Canada are dying due to massive competition from Amazon and the bigger stores. By giving these stores direct access to low-cost, natural African products, l enables them to:

  • ​Increase their profitability by over 50% in most cases.
  • ​Cheaply diversify their offerings from GMO’s to healthier options.
  • Remain competitive in today’s competitive retail market.

With hundreds of African companies helped so far, we are on our way to hitting the 5000 target.

  • ​Over 1000 African Businesses Trained
  • Creator of The Best Export Training Program
  • In Partnership With Top African Banks
  • ​Chairman - African Imports Export Solution Ltd
  • ​Chairman – American AirSea Cargo LLC - USA
  • Over 130 Employees In His Companies
  • Import/Export of Over 2 million Products
  • ​​FDA and USA Import/Export Expert
  • ​Export Speaker/Mentor and Business Coach


African Businesses

I work with the following category of African Businesses and Individuals:

  • ​You sell locally but do not have international buyer
  • ​You currently export but want to grow your export sales
  • You have at least $5,000 to start an export business

Connect with me and my team and l will hold your hands and show you how to expand into the international market, find buyers in USA and Canada, sell on Amazon and other USA stores. I will give you the knowledge, resources and connections to become a major seller in the US and Canadian market.

If you meet this criteria, then click the link below to talk with me today.

USA/Canadian Buyers And Retail Stores

I work with the following category of USA/Canadian Businesses and Individuals:

  • ​You run a retail store and find it hard to get natural and low-cost products.
  • ​Your profitability is low due to dealing with middlemen when cut into your profit
  • You want to become a distributor of products on behalf of African companies

Connect with me and my team and l will hold your hands and connect you to thousands of African companies that can supply you with high-quality products at unbeatable prices.

If you meet this criteria, then click the link below to talk with me today.

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This training will expose a lot of MSMEs to everything they need to make their products meet the standard for the international market. Its a good initiative and Lagos state government will have stronger partnership with Mr. Nduka and his team to help many struggling business.

- Mrs. Ambrose Folasade -

Lagos State Commissioner for Commerce, Trade, & Investment

Mr Nduka connect us to African stores in the USA. We have done transaction worth over 60-80 million naira, and the orders keep coming in. Banks and government organizations are chasing them to partner with them and they are the real people to chase.

- Mrs Cecilia Udoye -

CEO Kew Gardens

Mr Nduka will not only train you but will follow you through to till the very end, their service is more like an end to end one. from the funding we need to export to shipping our products to customers abroad and also selling our products on Amazon.

- Alhaji Nuru Bello -

Zonal Vice President Nigeria Association of Small & Medium Enterprises

Learn From Me

Export Training

The only event that brings over 1,500 African businesses in one room showing them the PRACTICAL steps they need to get it right with export. This is a must attend for any business with local products that wants to start earning in dollars in as little as 30 days.


An 8 week program that guides African businesses as they get their products ready for the US/Canadian markets. The weekly session ensures you avoid costly mistakes from export preparation, to shipping and distributing to your final buyers.

FDA Consultancy

The complex FDA process is one area that many businesses struggle with and getting it wrong can be very costly. I will guide you with your food facility registration, product labelling, FDA watch list removal and other issues that has to do with the FDA.

Specialized Training 

Designed for governments, banks, trade unions and companies who have a need to train their staffs about export. You will get practical solutions from my over 15 years experience in the import and export business.


Here, I give you a summary of the 9 ways l have developed to find buyers for your products in the USA.

Africa small businesses can now set up a free Amazon account. I will show you how to easily achieve that.

 This video will save you from making the mistakes alot of exporters has made

Join The Export family

A single consultation or a training is the beginning of our long time collaboration. We keep in touch as my vision is to see every African business in our system grow to earning over $100,000 monthly via export. We remain a family and continue to interact through our various online and offline communities and events.

Africa has a lot of potentials to take over the export market. My passion is to help businesses in Africa access the US market by easily pushing their products on Amazon, all over USA stores and thousands of distributors all over the USA. This is my mission and together we will increase the wealth of Africa

Take The Step That Can Change Your Life.

As the Chairman Of African Import Export Solution Ltd, l have been chanced to oversee the shipping of millions of items between USA and Africa. My mission is to teach African small and medium businesses what they need to know in order to take over the world... Learn More

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