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A Step - By - Step Guide To Successful Export To The USA And Beyond


A Step - By - Step Guide To Successful Export To The USA And Beyond


Learn The Secrets Of Successful Exporters

This training is designed to help Africans who are not quite ready to begin exporting to acquire the key knowledge they need to start an export business. 

SECRET 1# Prepare

  • Determine the capital you need to start your export business
  • ​Know the right product(s) that will give you the maximum profit
  • ​Determine the licenses you need for your selected product(s)
  • ​Brand and packaging the right way to easily attract buyers

SECRET 2# Send

  • Prepare export documentations to avoid customs issues
  • ​Know the right HS-Codes to use so as to pay the minimum duty
  • ​Pay zero duties to USA by documenting for AGOA 
  • ​​Get low-cost warehousing so you can distribute all over the USA
  • Save up to 70% on shipping to the USA using a simple trick

SECRET 3# Sell

  • Make your first $$$ selling to millions of buyers on Amazon
  • ​Use 9 Simple ways to find high buyers all over the USA
  • ​Prepare your product to be accepted by African stores in USA
  • ​​How to sell to US retail stores, wholesalers and manufacturers
  • Prepare your business to expand into Walmart and bigger stores

By The End Of This Practical sessions, You Will Be Able To Implement The Proven Success Strategies Used By The Top 1% Of Exporters In Africa...

This Training is For You If...

  • You don't know what to export or not sure if your product is exportable
  • ​You need a more indepth step by step approach to start exporting
  • ​You want to know if your products are profitable and demand in USA 
  • ​You are confused on how to easily ship, clear and warehouse  
  • ​You want to be handheld to start selling on Amazon and other US stores
  • ​What changes do I make to my product to make it attractive to buyers​

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Africa has a lot of potentials to take over the export market. My passion is to help businesses in Africa access the US market by easily pushing their products on Amazon, all over USA stores and thousands of distributors all over the USA. This is my mission and together we will increase the wealth of Africa

Take The Step That Can Change Your Life.

As the Chairman Of African Import Export Solution Ltd, l have been chanced to oversee the shipping of millions of items between USA and Africa. My mission is to teach African small and medium businesses what they need to know in order to take over the world... Learn More

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