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A Step - By - Step Guide To Successful Export To The USA And Beyond


A Step - By - Step Guide To Successful Export To The USA And Beyond



This mentorship program is designed to help Africans who are not quite ready to begin exporting to acquire the key knowledge they need to start an export business. 

  • Introduction To Export
  • Export Documentations
  • Understanding HS Codes
  • Identifying profitable products
  • Food Documentations
  • FDA Food Facility Registration
  • Export Labelling
  • Banned Foods
  • Cosmetic Export
  • Fashion Export
  • Exporting Artwork
  • Exporting Under AGOA
  • Shipping and Clearing Process
  • Finding Buyers As A Passive Exporter
  • Product Profitability Analysis
  • Introduction To Selling on Amazon
  • Becoming an Active Exporter

By The End Of This 4 Practical sessions, You Will Be Able To Implement The Proven Success Strategies Used By The Top 1% Of Exporters In Africa...

85Hours 36Minutes 03Seconds

This Training is For You If...

  • You don't know what to export or not sure if your product is exportable
  • ​You need a more indepth step by step approach to start exporting
  • ​You want to know if your products are profitable and demand in USA 
  • ​You are confused on how to easily ship, clear and warehouse  
  • ​You want to be handheld to start selling on Amazon and other US stores
  • ​What changes do I make to my product to make it attractive to buyers​

After this 4 solid weeks, you will begin to see every product around you in terms of profit with a clear step by step procedure on how to evaluate export industry and  opportunities with an aim to maximizing your profit. By the end of this program, you will have a product that is ready for export that will yield the maximum profit for you.

85Hours 36Minutes 03Seconds

Let This be the year you become profitable with export and take your business to the next level

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We Could Easily Charge N250,000...

Discover The EXACT Proven Strategy Used By Big Exporter To Determine The Best Product To Sell, And Earn $1k,$3k....$10,000k On A Monthly Basis....This Could Be The Difference Between You Making Insane PROFIT or Losses In Your Export Journey. This is a total of over 20 hours of practical training to get you fully equipped to launch your export business. 


Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what actual customers have to say. 

Africa has a lot of potentials to take over the export market. My passion is to help businesses in Africa access the US market by easily pushing their products on Amazon, all over USA stores and thousands of distributors all over the USA. This is my mission and together we will increase the wealth of Africa

Take The Step That Can Change Your Life.

As the Chairman Of African Import Export Solution Ltd, l have been chanced to oversee the shipping of millions of items between USA and Africa. My mission is to teach African small and medium businesses what they need to know in order to take over the world... Learn More

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