Are You A Product Manufacturer? 

Food, Cosmetics, Fashion, Art & Craft, Leather, Furniture, etc...

This 2 Days Specialised Practical Session On "Manufacturing For Export" Will Get Your Product Selling In The Right Stores Abroad

6th-7th August 2024 @ Lagos Nigeria

Watch Below To See What Will Be Getting From This Masterclass!

The Most Practical Export Masterclass For Product Manufacturers And Product Owners That Want To Go Into Export, Quickly Find Buyers And Make More Money In $$$

Meet Your Coaches

Meet Nduka Udeh, the Founder and Chairman of African Import and Export Solutions, who has over 15 years of unparalleled expertise in export, business growth consultancy, and providing practical based training that enables businesses to identify the most profitable products for export.

He is not just an export guru but he is also an active exporter, selling on international market places all over the USA. 

For 11 years, I was the CEO of American AirSea Cargo, where l oversaw the shipping of over 2,000,000 products from the USA to Africa and Africa to the USA while serving over 150,000 customers.

I have overseen the export of thousands of shipments. So, I have seen it all and will share with you at this summit all you need to successfully export to the USA.

My goal is to help 5,000 plus African businesses connect with US and Canadian retail stores that need cheaper but high-quality and healthier options to fill up their stores.

As a visionary entrepreneur, he is committed and passionate about helping thousands of African businesses to ship stress-free to the USA.Through his strategic foresight, Mr. Udeh has not only facilitated successful trade deals but has also helped nurture African SMEs to sell on African stores and

His insights have been featured on various media platforms, inspiring a broader audience with his dedication and success. His commitment to growth and collaboration has established him as an influential advocate for the development of Africa’s international trade.

I have so far trained over 3,000 African businesses on how to export stress-free to the USA and sell their products on multiple channels in the USA, including Amazon. I have trained numerous companies on behalf of the Nigerian government and taught at seminars for the Lagos Business School, where I showed companies how to tap into a multi-channel sales system in the USA.

I hold a B.Eng. from the University of Benin, an MSc from the University of Essex, United Kingdom, and numerous certifications from courses at Harvard Business School, MIT, IATA, and other institutions.

Meet Tim Forrest, a seasoned expert with over 40 years of experience in helping food entrepreneurs and established companies get their products into store shelves and into the hands of consumers all over USA,

He has done over 20,000 retail placements, resulting in a staggering $1 billion increase in annual sales revenue. He has successfully trained thousands of businesses to develop products, packaging and ultimately helping them become approved vendors in the USA for retail giants like Costco and many others

Tim is the go-to expert with proven strategies for banks that want to help their customers grow into exports and, in return, get more fx transactions. He also has solutions for government organizations, and serious business owners looking to expand their reach and conquer new markets.

He has successfully trained thousands of businesses to develop products and packaging, ultimately helping them become approved vendors in the USA for retail giants like Costco and many others. He has transformed numerous businesses from idea stages to generating over $5 million in sales, even for startup businesses without a product, branding, or business plan.

His extensive experience includes working with industry leaders like Nestle and Unilever, where he crafted the distribution, marketing, and sales strategies that outshine even the biggest brands in the world.

Meet Sarah Shaw, a fashion entrepreneur, product designer, and business coach who has helped hundreds of businesses and fashion entrepreneurs launch, market, and sell their products in stores, boutiques, A-List celebrities, and also get media placements in the USA.

She is the Founder & CEO of Sarah Shaw Consulting, and she has helped many business owners launch their products into the spotlight all over the USA with her smart marketing strategies and celebrity endorsements, making her a sought-after industry expert.

With her 20+ years of experience and 6 companies under her belt – Sarah has built a treasure trove of secrets for launching your business, getting your products into stores and boutiques, getting your products to A-List celebrities, and getting massive publicity to grow her company quickly.

She focuses on teaching fashion entrepreneurs how to launch, market, and sell their products in boutiques, get media placements and gift celebrities all over the USA

She has established herself as a leading authority in product development, branding, and strategic marketing, with invaluable guidance and expertise to aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses who want to grow a profitable brand all over the USA

She helped many business owners launch their products into the spotlight all over the USA with her smart marketing strategies and celebrity endorsements, making her a sought-after industry expert. Sarah's enthusiasm for creativity and drive for achievement shine through in everything she does.

Sarah’s products were sold in over 1,200 stores and boutiques across the country, including Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Barney’s, Henri Bendel, Fred Segal, Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue and Bloomingdales.

She also owned a flagship venture, Sarah Shaw Handbags, in 1997, a brand she has turned into a seven-figure empire with her strategic insights, graced by over 70 celebrities and featured across prestigious retail outlets like Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, USA.Sarah

Venessa Dewing is an experienced professional who has worked in the Technology & Logistics industries for over 18+ years. She is focused on identifying opportunities to help manufacturing businesses grow; and her ability to foster innovation, inspire action, and lead high-performing teams, has helped her set many manufacturing businesses on a positive growth trajectory.

She is the Vice President of Customer Services in Sub-Saharan Africa at DHL Express. Venessa helps manufacturing companies with customized supply chain management, customs procedures, and documentation, helping them overcome the complexities of exporting goods across borders

Venessa has made the excellent case that micro, small, and medium-sized businesses are materially important to the economic growth of Africa due to their sheer number, ability to provide employment, and their contribution to overall GDP performance

With over 18 years of experience in the logistics industry,  she provides insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and regulatory requirements. She educates businesses on compliance requirements, export licenses, and intellectual property protection,  ensuring that African companies operate within the legal boundaries of each target market.

She is respected for her dedicated focus on the development of people and consistently demonstrates the attributes of a 21st-century business leader.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear From Those Who Have Gone Through This Program

Winner Of The Pan African International Award Of Excellence

Over 3,000 Businesses Trained professionally within 3 years   

Sponsored by NEPC (Nigeria Export Promotion Council) since 2020.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Dreams Into Reality!!!

Discover The Proven PSS System Used By Every Successful Exporters

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SECRET 1# Prepare 

  • ​Determine the capital you need to start your export business
  • Know the right product(s) that will give you the maximum profit
  • Determine the licenses you need for your selected product(s)
  • ​Brand and package the right way to easily attract buyers
HS Codes png

SECRET 2# Send

  • Prepare export documentations to avoid customs issues
  • Know the right HS-Codes to use so as to pay the minimum duty
  • Pay zero duties to USA by documenting for AGOA the right way
  • ​Get low-cost warehousing so you can distribute all over the USA
  • Save up to 70% on shipping to the USA using a simple trick

SECRET 3# Sell

  • ​Make your first $$$ selling to millions of buyers on Amazon
  • ​Use 9 Simple ways to find high buyers all over the USA
  • ​Prepare your product to be accepted by African stores in USA
  • ​How to sell to US retail stores, wholesalers and manufacturers
  • ​Prepare your business to expand into Walmart and bigger stores

Are You A Product Manufacturer Or A Registered Business

But You Have tried In The Past To Start Exporting And Failed...

it’s OK... you could Also Be Asking

  • I have my company registered now, my export license, and local certifications, I even have international certifications - What is next in the export process?
  • ​I have a product and ready now to export, how do I manufacture and package it to meet US specifications
  • ​I manufacture my  product but I am concerned about how to find ready retail and wholesale buyers
  • ​How  can I put my products on Amazon and  on the shelves of  USA stores?
  • ​How do l know the right shipping company to use for my export? Is it every shipping company that offers me the lowest cost that l should use?
  • ​If i get buyers in the USA, do l ship to them before they pay?  What is the best way to protect my items so I am guaranteed of payment?

... EXPERTS from USA are eager to reveal a new practical solution and the key secrets to making it big in the export market ... strategies ... insights ... and the blueprint to GROW your already existing business, start earning in dollars in the next 30days with little capital ...

“Add An Extra $1K... $3K... $10K...Or Even $100K Monthly To Your Export Earning

10 Reasons Why You Need To Be At This 2 Days Export Masterclass

Learn Directly From Experts With Results From USA And Nigeria - As a product manufacturer, ​imagine you sitting down with experts who helped numerous businesses put their products on different USA stores and grow their businesses from zero to over $20 million. 

Get Export Financing - Meet with our partner banks that have over a $100,000,000 ready to support business who desire to go into the export business

Get Wholesale and Retail Buyers ABROAD - We will show you the 9 key ways used by practical exporters to find retail and wholesale buyers and distributors all over the USA and beyond.

Sell On Amazon & US Stores - Learn how to create your own Amazon store, and the 4 key strategies to blow up your Amazon sales. We won't stop at Amazon, but we will show you how to get your products into our US stores.

10X Your Business Earning In $$ From Africa -  Come and learn, what the top 1% of businesses that are successful with exporting and earning in dollars are doing that you are not that will guarantee you 10X Your Business, 10X Your Income, and 10X your Life.  

Save Money On Shipping To The USA - Learn the exact practical steps you need to reduce your shipping and clearing costs to the USA without having any issues with US customs. Imagine you discovering how you can avoid customs duties and save 80% on Shipping

Export documentation and licenses you need - We will show you all the licenses and certification you need so you don't have any issues trying to export your products.

Free Warehousing In The USA - Learn the warehousing solution that enables you to store your products in the USA and easily dispatch them when you get buyers, saving you thousands on shipping

Best networking Export Event in Africa - This is a one time opportunity to get numerous business connections that will blow up your revenue. Network with people that are making a difference and have a lot of knowledge to share! 

Become A Global Brand  - Rise above the local market and grow your business to the international market. This is your opportunity to go to the next level and join the league of other successful exporters all around Africa.

And Soooooooo Much More

If you are thinking about expanding your business beyond the Local market... Then this event is a MUST attend for you.

Seats are extremely limited and this event will sell out.

As A Product Manufacturer With A Registered Company

The Nigerian Economy Is Tougher Right Now And Earning In Dollars Is The Only Way Out

CF iMacPlaceholder_clipped_rev_1 png

What is the one touch secret to trigger streams of ABROAD buyers for your product And Have Your Products In Stores All Over USA!!!​

This isn’t just about starting an export business... this is about expanding your business to the next level so you can easily achieve your financial goals and live your dream life...

  • ​Get the proven secret formula​ to easily get buyers and wholesalers abroad
  • ​ Get clarity about the licenses and certifications needed to sell your products in the USA​
  • ​​Get cost effective warehouse and distribution solutions for USA
  • ​​Sell your products profitably to stores in the USA and also on Amazon
  • ​​Opportunity ​​​to get your​ products on the shelves of Walmart, Target, SamsClub and other US retailers
  • ​Discover a cost effective, fast and reliable shipping solution to the USA

Africa is blessed with a lot of potential and our goal is to help position African businesses in the international market and handhold you till they start earning in dollars.

We Don't Just Train You, We Hand Hold You Till You Start Earning In $$$

When You Take A Step Today,

Some Bonuses For You As A Serious Business

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product4 jpg


Export Financing

You will get up to N20 million in export financing for those in the Agric value chain and up to N2.5 million for working capital or stock financing at a bottom-rock interest rate. We have partnered with Sterling Bank and the Business Hub to make this possible for the attendees of this event.

Worth N20,000,000 Absolutely FREE!!!

product4 jpg
product4 jpg


Free Book "50 Profitable Products To Export"

I know a lot of you are confused and skeptical about the best product to export so you don't run into losses. This book will show you over 50 products to sell profitably in the international market.

Worth N5,000, Absolutely FREE!!!

product4 jpg
product4 jpg


N20,000 Discount On FDA Registration

FDA license is compulsory, especially for those in the food product category. We will give you an N20,000 discount for attending this event and even more when you reserve your seat now.

Worth N20,000, Absolutely FREE!!!

product4 jpg
product4 jpg


Practical Export Workbook

Just to make exporting very easy for you, we have put together this practical step-by-step workbook that handholds you and helps you to start exporting as quickly as possible

Worth N5,000, Absolutely FREE!!!

Seats are extremely limited and this event will sell out.

The Proven Step-By-Step “Short-Cut” To Grow A successful Export Business

 go from a local brand to an international brand, Selling on Amazon and Thousands of USA Stores

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Now’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to TAKE IT.

I’m literally showing you the secrets of a multi-million-dollar exporting company.
All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other... and join this 2 days export MASTERCLASS today!!!

  • ​No more “trying and failing.”
  • ​No more confusion as regards the most profitable product to export​
  • ​​No worries on how to find buyers abroad, sell on Amazon and US stores
  • ​​...And no more “wishing” you could see your products become best sellers on Amazon, have wholesale and retail distributors all over the USA, as well as to have your products on the shelves on major US retailers such as Walmart, Target, SamsClub, Costco etc.

Nduka Udeh - "I know this 2-day day Masterclass is worth every minute of your time because, after talking to over 3,000 African businesses having issues with exports to the USA, we have asked Experts who handle these exports to show you exactly how to solve these issues"

So when I say, As A Product Manufacturer,

You Ve' Got A chance Now To Take Your Business To The Next Level And Enjoy More Financial Freedom

Give me just two days and we will transform your knowledge about export. There’s no fluff or filler. 
By the end of the masterclass, you’ll leave with high-impact and actionable plans designed to get to exporting and earning in dollars in as little as 90 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

?What is the date and time of this event?

This is a 2-day practical export event that will hold on the 6th and 7th August 2024. We will start by 8 am WAT each day and will last for about 9 hours with intensive sessions and breaks in between

?Who are the speakers this year?

This year we have two experts from the USA, Mr. Tim Forrest and Serah Shaw who has helped many business put there product all over stores in the USA and blew up their sales 10x. Of course Mr. Nduka Udeh, the export professor and his team will be on ground to show you every single step you need to start exporting in as little as 30 days.

?Who is this event for?

Unfortunately, this event is not for everybody, it is for serious business, Registered companies/Business owners, Product Manufacturers looking to scale to the intl market, Owners of Packaged and Licensed Products, Members of Trade Association, Entrepreneurs/ SMEs, Government Agencies, Banks looking to grow their FX transactions and high net worth individuals looking to invest in export business...

? Will there be an opportunity to ask questions related to my business?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to ask a peculiar question and our team of experts and invited guests will attend to your question.

?What is the price per ticket?

The cost for registration is #500,000

?Will I get the event recording

Yes, the event recording will be made available to all attendees.. However you are not allowed to do a personal recording or video but you can take pictures of the event with the hashtag exporttowealth

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